Why You Should Use a Travel Agency for Corporate Travel

Flight details, hotel accommodations, trip itineraries, vehicles, food, and more. Those are all the things and details that you have to consider when you travel. When you’re planning for a lot of people, especially in your company, you double the stress. It is a good idea to hire a travel agency for your company’s corporate travel needs. Travel agencies provide corporate event solutions and special event solutions to address those issues without any hitches. Whatever business events you have on your agenda, a reliable travel agency can help you sort things out.

Take the stress out of planning trips for your employees by hiring a reputable travel agency that can provide corporate event solutions and special event solutions with ease. Get to all your business events, worry-free with a travel agent’s help. Let someone else arrange the intricate details of your business trip so that all you have to do is pack your bags, attend your business events, and have a great time. Here are the top ten reasons why hiring a travel agency for your corporate travel is not a frivolity but a necessity.

Save a Lot of Money

The primary reason why a travel agency makes sense for business travel is they provide you with corporate event solutions and special event solutions that don’t break the bank. They utilize their extensive knowledge and resources to get you the cheapest airfare so that you can get to your business events without any glitches. Travel agencies are quick to confirm complete travel packages because they have a network of relationships with domestic and international vendors that help them get things done.

They can save you money because of their supplier relationships. Some of their packages even include transfers, which save you money because public transportation can still cost a lot of money. It also saves you time from having to figure out bus routes and train schedules. Whether you are taking an international or domestic trip for your company, your chosen travel agency will assist you in finding the best deals so that you can get the best value for your money.

A travel agency’s goal is to give you the first-class travel experience without breaking the bank. This kind of corporate event solutions and special event solutions can only be achieved through a travel agent. They may require a small fee, but the deals they offer more than makeup for it. Travel agents are worth the investment for your corporate travel needs because they save you more money in the long.

Depth of Experience

Reputable travel agencies have been in the business for years. They have a depth of experience, so they can quickly address and provide you with corporate event solutions and special event solutions anytime, anywhere. If you tell them in great detail what you want, they will make it happen. They will be able to find you products that are so much better than what you can see on the internet.

Their expertise in the area of travel will assure you that you are getting tailor-fit packages so that you can get to your business events without any problems. In any aspect of life, no one can ever devalue the wealth of experience. With their years in the industry and their many happy clients, it is clear that trusted travel agencies can easily provide things that you need and want.

“If you tell them in great detail what you want, they will make it happen”

Be Your Ally and Advocate

Unforeseen events that derail your travel plans can happen. Sometimes, there are delays in one leg of your trip that can affect all your other flight details. You may even miss some bookings because of all these delays. If you booked your flight and trip itinerary with a travel agent, fret not. Just sit back and relax because they will do all the worrying for you.

Imagine if you have to re-book all those flights yourself, it would be a hassle. You don’t have to suffer the long lines and wait in an airport counter. The same thing goes for all the hotel rooms and pre-arranged transfers. But since you have a travel agent, you can wait conveniently at the airport lounge or in your hotel, while they sort everything out for you.

Your travel agent will be your ally and advocate if something goes wrong. Because their main agenda is to provide you with the best corporate event solutions and special event solutions, they will gladly go the bat for you. They go through the extra mile to make sure your trip will get back on track, so you don’t miss out on opportunities at your business events.

Benefit from Their Expansive Resources

A reliable travel agent will give you access to a variety of tools that an ordinary consumer will not have access to or will not know. Their network gives them access to insider deals and information. They can do the following things for your next corporate trip:

  • Get you better seats on the airplane
  • Provide you with added amenities at hotels
  • Get you room upgrades without added expenses
  • Offer you event tickets that you usually won’t know about
  • Plan great activities for you and your team

When you hire a travel agent, you can be assured that they are doing everything in their power to get you what you need. They will even take added steps to make things extra special for you. For instance, they can make reservations on your behalf at a popular restaurant in Paris with a long waiting list. This kind of personalized service will make your work trip feel like a vacation.

Offer Convenience

Your time is valuable. In terms of business, your time even equates to money. You should not have to waste precious time searching for the appropriate flights for your corporate travel. A travel agent will do all that for you, and more, with ease. They can easily match you with a hotel that is near your conference venue. They will deal with all the headaches of comparing airline prices, finding the best hotels that give the highest value for money, and worrying about your meals and transfers. This leaves you with less stress on your plate, so you can focus on the more important aspect of focusing on your business agenda.

They can even help you secure a business visa in the embassy of the country you are visiting. They will prepare all the necessary forms, provide you with the list of documents you need to submit, and secure an appointment with the embassy on your behalf. This kind of corporate event solutions and special events solutions can only be provided by an experienced, honest, and reputable travel agent.

Establish a Good Relationship

Frequent dealings with your favorite travel agencies mean you are establishing a great relationship with members of their team. When your association transcends something beyond business and moves onto being a relationship, they will be more invested in you and your company. They will know your favorite hotels, what you need when you get to your destination, your preferred flight schedules, and the like. You become their priority.

When you avail of the services of a travel agency, they also open up their network of relationships at your disposal. They have a lot of domestic and international suppliers that will gladly go that bat for you so that you can get better rates and the best experiences. Travel agents focus on providing corporate event solutions and special event solutions because their relationship with you matters a lot to them.

Provide Added Value

Your travel agent can quickly provide a value add-on for your trips. These added details have the power of converting your boring business trip to a luxurious vacation. Perhaps you are wondering why some couples get champagne on their flight, or they get suite room upgrades without any extra-charges; the reason is they most likely used a travel agent.

These kinds of details are a part of a travel agency’s corporate event solutions and special events solutions game plan. They don’t just make things happen. Instead, they go above the beyond their call of duty to make sure that your trip is indeed genuinely unforgettable. If you are still feeling ambivalent about outsourcing this service to a travel agent, the thought of these additional values should sway your mind. These added perks and benefits alone make up for the small fee to secure the help of a travel agent.

Better Destinations

The last place where you want to stay in is a super busy hotel where your corporate convention is being held. The risk of bumping into clients and suppliers is just too much, so that you won’t get any downtime during your off-hours. If you use a travel agent, they can help you by recommending a better hotel that is still near your conference venue, so you can truly relax.

If you are planning a getaway team-building seminar for your staff, a travel agent can recommend a travel destination based on the activities you want to do. They can schedule tours and outdoor activities for you and your team. They can even give you advice on what clothes to wear and what vaccines to get if you are visiting an exotic place.

Travel agencies will be able to get you a booking even at those popular hotels that appear fully booked in all the online booking apps. Their extensive network makes all of those possible. Indeed, hiring a travel agent for your needs is a sensible idea because they so readily provide you with corporate event solutions and special event solutions.

Give You Exclusive Access

Whoever said a business trip should not be fun? When you travel for your company, it is also critical to unwind and relax. All work and no play leads to stress and makes for a boring worker. And stress is now the leading cause of illnesses. Even if you are on a work trip, you still have to unwind somehow. Your travel agent can help you do that by offering you a spot in the most popular rest over in town so you can relax after a long workday.

If you have more time, they can plan a short day trip on your behalf. Some tours and experiences in many popular tourist destinations are only offered and available through a travel agent because they have a longstanding partnership. Many travel agencies provide a lot of unique elements. They want to ascertain that they provide their clients with the right experience. Whether you are seeking unique local tours, day trips, treks, or private jet options, these personalized services, and special event solutions are only available through a travel agent.

They Go Above and Beyond

People who work in the travel industry are well-rounded, optimistic, funny, and knowledgeable. They have interesting personalities that come from diverse backgrounds. But even if these personable travel agents have various types of character, one thing holds, their priority is you. They want to please you and provide you and your team with the best corporate solutions and special event solutions in the market.

Since they are passionate about meeting your needs and sharing the beauty of traveling with you, you cannot help but be excited about your corporate travel. They do an excellent job of getting you what you want at the prices you can afford. Travel agents operate with you as their top priority because they want to do an excellent job for you and your team. They know that they need to give a stellar performance so that they can garner your business again in the future; so you can provide great testimonies and referrals.

Their brand of service with a smile will not make you regret hiring their services. When you are in a different place, especially a foreign location, the last thing you want to do is to get lost. Your rock star travel agent will mitigate this scenario because they will do a fantastic job of giving you a detailed itinerary.

Bottom Line

There are many benefits to hiring a travel agency for your business needs. Taking advantage of all that they offer means you get unbeatable experiences and services for your corporate travel needs. Travel agencies stay updated on industry trends, so they can easily filter the best travel options to ensure your satisfaction.

Remember, travel agencies can leverage their team’s skills and local knowledge of beautiful locations so that they can create a memorable trip for your company. First-class travel experience, without the hefty price tag, is available at your local travel agency.