The Importance Custom Logo Corporate Apparel Plays in Building a Brand

Running a business is no easy task. There are so many elements to consider in increasing productivity, profits, marketing, and retaining talented employees. Using our fiat economy as an example, it is clear that how people perceive or think about an item is far more important than the actual item. If someone believes that a pet rock will improve their social life, make them popular, and provide them with hours of entertainment, they will probably go out and buy one.

“Striking a serious tone is important if you want to reverberate a sense of value and professionalism.”

The way that American businesses create a perceived value to their services and products is through repetition. If you keep repeating something, over and over again, it doesn’t matter how false it is because people will eventually believe that it is true. Seriousness is also important. Striking a serious tone is important if you want to reverberate a sense of value and professionalism. For example, you don’t want guys who appear to be intoxicated handling your bank accounts or even moving your piano for that matter.

This is partly why companies invest in corporate swag. When you invest in custom engraved pens, custom t-shirt design, custom embroidery, and other custom logo corporate apparel, you are repeating the name of the business. Repeating your business name, over and over again, on custom logo corporate apparel carries numerous benefits. Let’s discuss the key benefits of custom logo corporate apparel and other office swag below.

1. Branding

Investing in custom engraved pens, custom t-shirt design, custom embroidery, and other custom branded corporate apparel creates an effect known in marketing as branding. Branding builds brand awareness and reminds prospective clients about your brand and creates a comfortable relationship with the logo and brand name.

If you walked into a store and saw a tried-and-trusted brand, such as Quaker Oatmeal, and some other brand that had a foreign-sounding name, such as Zonkites Oatmeal, you’d probably go with the former. There is something about familiarity with a brand name that drives sales.

This is because brand awareness affects us at a subconscious level. Our subconscious mind creates word associations and other simple associations to store information. If you have taken the Freudian Word Association Test, then you know how your brain likes to link one thing to another in a somewhat quirky manner.

This is why companies will pay top dollar to have their logos pasted on stock cars. Everyone watching the race is associating the company’s brand with something that they find entertaining and enjoyable. And these brands are treated with an elite status over other brands and may cause stock racing fans to think slightly better of their product if it reminds them of good times.

Brand awareness is also important when driving sales. Even though brand awareness, itself, does not create a point of sale for cashing in on the branding, it starts to build that sense of establishment, false security, familiarity, and quality that consumers perceive at a subconscious level. It can help to predispose these consumers so that they have a propensity to purchase your product when they eventually do encounter it in a point-of-sale situation.

Therefore, when other people see your employees wearing a custom t-shirt design, custom embroidery, or other custom logo corporate apparel, they are affected by the bandwagon effect to trust the brand when they do encounter your products or services. There is inherent safety in numbers.

The more repetition that they see of your brand name or logo, the less stress they may feel about making a purchase. And because we tend to walk away from strange things, strangers, and things that we perceive to be dangerous at a subconscious level, brand awareness can help to overcome the fight-or-flight mechanism and the instinct to run.

Using custom engraved pens is even better. You should give these away in high volumes to your employees and encourage them to “accidentally” leave them anywhere that people are using pens. This can be at the post office where people are filling out forms, at grocery store counters where people are applying for shopper’s cards, or near a bulletin board.

People will pick them up and feel grateful that the pen was there when they needed it. It is best to purchase high-quality pens that people will want to take and keep because they write well. You don’t want them to associate frustration and incompetence with your brand.

And custom logo corporate apparel should be purchased in not just t-shirts but also fashionable formal wear, such as dressy shirts or jackets. This would create an even greater reverence for the brand by associating it with affluence and style. But even embroidered polos, socks, backpacks, and more can be emblazoned with your custom logo.

2. Team Spirit

Investing in custom engraved pens, custom t-shirt design, custom embroidery, and other custom logo corporate apparel can also reinforce the team spirit of your employees. Reminding them that the overall health of their employer is what keeps them flush with cash is an important aspect of custom logo corporate apparel and swag. When employees feel like they are part of a team, they can put their differences aside and get the job done.

Employees may also feel a sense of belonging and give their best instead of just going through the motions to collect a paycheck. In addition, employees will feel a sense of job security when they see that their employer invests in quality corporate swag and gives it away. That is not something that a business does when it is about to go under.

3. Incentive-Based Rewards

In order to stimulate the productivity of your team, you may want to give away some of your elite corporate swag if they meet productivity goals. This would be a great way to give someone a bonus for even small accomplishments. Because you are buying the products at wholesale discount prices, you can afford to give them something that would cost 60 percent more to purchase at retail prices for a single individual. Since you can keep giving away these items to each employee as they meet your goals, it creates an incentive that improves company morale while creating additional branding.

4. Walking Billboards

Investing in custom engraved pens, custom t-shirt design, custom embroidery, and other custom logo corporate apparel can also create opportunities for your employees to market the brand. By wearing your logo, it can open up a conversation about the company with anyone that they meet.

Whether they are waiting in line at the grocery store or the bank, they can always bring up work and help to develop an association with your brand. And because they know all about your company, they can provide all the marketing that you’d ever need if anyone is interested in your products or services.

This might be especially effective if you have some rather attractive employees who get a lot of attention. It is, perhaps, like paying a model to hand out brochures about your business or to generate leads with a photoshoot. The best part is that this is all free and is paying you instead of the model.

This, of course, is why it is important to invest in high-quality custom logo corporate apparel that someone might actually wear. And if you provide your employees with an incentive to wear their corporate apparel to work, such as 15 extra minutes on their lunch break, they will probably wear it throughout the day as a matter of convenience. You can always explain that the bonus time is an incentive to build team spirit or, in the alternative, hope that employees simply comply with a rule to wear their corporate logo clothing to work.

5. Professionalism

When employees wear custom logo corporate apparel to work, they are also creating that all-important image of professionalism. You probably wouldn’t trust someone to do surgery on you if they came into work in their pajamas. When employees show that they are in work mode by dressing up in corporate swag, they are more focused on work and building business growth.

This is very important in some businesses where customers come in and do not find an established desk to ask for help. If they don’t know if the people in the store are employees or not, they may feel awkward and leave. In any regard, they may develop a negative association that makes them refrain from entering a store because it is too difficult to find assistance. And because people are so busy, even wasting a few minutes of their time can be off-putting and lead to avoidance instead of return business.

Furthermore, when employees wear custom logo corporate apparel to work, they automatically are endowed with a sense of trust. The clients will give these people their cellphones to recharge them or other personal information that they wouldn’t give to a stranger. The customers know that this person works for your business and has been thoroughly screened and is accountable. You wouldn’t want to hand your credit card over to a stranger. But that is what it feels like, even at a subconscious level, when your employees are dressed in street clothes.

6. Unlimited Variety

Once you start to look at the plethora of corporate swag available, you start to see that everything from watches to iPads can be customized. Coffee mugs, glasses, flatware, fanny packs, shorts, sunglasses, hats, briefcases, raincoats, and more are out there and waiting for your logo. And the products are available in a variety of colors, styles, and price ranges to fit any budget or taste.

7. Customer Incentives

Not only can you give your corporate swag away to employees, but you can also give it away to customers. Customers appreciate a free refrigerator magnet, custom engraved pens, and other items that put your phone number at their fingertips when they need help. People like to reciprocate gift-giving when they are given promotional items and can feel indebted and a sense of gratitude, especially if they find the promotional items useful in their daily lives.

The products can also be used as an incentive for customers to shop more. Since you are getting these products in bulk at steep discounts, you can afford to throw in a free “your logo” polo with every one-week car rental, for example. Anytime that you can make people feel like they are missing out on something if they choose less product at once, you can make them feel savvy by throwing in corporate swag incentives for a little more money.

Even someone who delivers newspapers can benefit greatly from custom engraved pens. By giving your customers custom engraved pens during the holidays, they will have your number to call you if there are any problems with paper delivery. And they will feel obligated to give you a bigger tip when they see that you are professional and dedicated.

Refrigerator magnets are excellent for handyman services or anyone who does trade work around the house. Putting your number or email address at your customer’s fingertips ensures return business. Since they are already familiar with you, you don’t want them to go searching online when they need service. They may wind up on the webpage of a competitor simply because you didn’t take the extra effort to make calling you convenient.

Giving customers custom logo corporate apparel may even be a better reminder. If this is clothing that they wear on a daily basis or even to the gym, their familiarity with wearing your products will make you the first place that they call when they need that type of assistance. Nevertheless, you have to consider the type of customers that you are dealing with and whether they will actually wear the type of clothing that you produce.


Investing in custom engraved pens, custom t-shirt design, custom embroidery, and other custom logo corporate apparel is an excellent investment. These products will retain value for as long as you are in business. And by providing prospective clients with easy access to your information, you are sure to stay in business much longer in the digital age. Furthermore, these items have a profound effect on employees and branding at a subconscious level. Because they are affordable and available in such great variety, it is a win-win idea for any business.