Business Leisure Travel Tips for 2020

Business leisure travel is becoming more common every day. Employers throughout the world must rely on their trusted employees to travel in order to promote the company, meet new clients, and host significant corporate events. With all of the travel business can require, expenses and frustrations can add up quickly if a trip is not carefully managed and accurately planned out. However, it is not all about the money. Traveling must also be comfortable and provide a positive experience. There really is no need to sacrifice leisure for budget, especially these days, it is easy for people to have both. Keep in mind; it is always best to contact a corporate travel agency to receive assistance when planning a business trip or corporate event, this will save you time and money while also improving your travel experience. Corporate travel agencies like Chi-Chi, LLC, are professionals with vast abilities to arrange the perfect trip consisting of better deals and more amenities.

“There really is no need to sacrifice leisure for budget, especially these days, it is easy for people to have both”

What Is Business Leisure Travel?

Business leisure travel, or bleisure as it is often referred to, consists of creating a work-life balance while still having the ability to travel consistently for any business-related reason. The overall goal is to combine work with pleasure. This often includes taking your family with you while traveling for business or simply staying a few additional days to enjoy the place you’re visiting by yourself, without having to work. After a person completes their assigned duties, they are free to wander and explore for the remaining duration of their business trip. According to Forbes magazine, bleisure is a growing trend with 2020 predicted to be the most popular year yet. More than 80% of Millenials take business leisure trips already, but they are not the only ones. Businessmen and women of nearly every age group are taking advantage of this useful new trend.

With the many advantages business leisure travel can provide, it’s understandable why so many people are making it a part of their normal corporate travel routine. Overall, a business trip with leisure is essential to boost productivity and improve an employee’s mental health. A happy employee tends to be more efficient while working.

The Importance Of Business Leisure Travel

Among the many advantages of bleisure, you will find savings and comfort to be the most significant. It can reduce travel expenses while adding a stress-relieving vacation to every one of your employee’s business trips. Business leisure travel helps balance work and life so that people can enjoy their work while still maintaining their personal life. Examine these benefits of combining business and leisure to understand why it has become the latest important travel trend.

  • Work-Life Balance: All work and no fun can make a person unhappy, depressed, or unmotivated. These days, there is no need to work your life away with exhausting corporate trips. Bleisure travel makes it easy to enjoy work and balance it with your personal life. With a business leisure trip, you can take time to appreciate your work and your life more by making every trip a positive experience.
  • Save Money: Without the need to book an additional trip for a vacation at a later date, employees can save money by combining their vacation with their corporate travel. This will often save on plane tickets, hotels, and sometimes it may even save on food and drink, depending on what a company includes in their travel budget.
  • Conserve Vacation Time: It is easy for an employee to conserve their vacation time with bleisure by reducing the number of days they would need to take off. Since they would already be traveling for business, those days of travel would be paid for, while any additional days without work would be used as a vacation. This would significantly reduce the number of vacation days an employee would have to use every year.
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction: Having the ability to vacation after a hard day’s work is sure to increase employee satisfaction. Saving money and conserving vacation time will be of great benefit too. Typically, an employee would have to spend extra money on plane tickets and hotels if they wanted to go on a vacation. With bleisure travel, employees can travel while working, and they can still experience a memorable vacation without exceeding the planned corporate budget or wasting any funds.

Get Prepared

The first step to preparing for business leisure travel is to contact a reputable travel agency for assistance booking and planning the perfect trip. A travel company such as Chi Chi has the expertise required to get you to your destination with plenty of time to check into your hotel and relax or do some quick sight-seeing, it all depends on your personal preference. Simply contact a travel consultant to arrange the amenities and outings that would best fit your travel needs. With more than 1.1 million people traveling for business every day, it is best always to have an organized, well-thought-out trip that provides a positive experience and the utmost comfort. Travel can be stressful if not properly planned. Make sure your business trips are stress-free by using a travel company to assist you with your travel plans and avoid any potential problems.

Advantages Of Using Travel Consultants

Travel consultants at companies like Chi-Chi LLC are experts. They know how to get people the absolute best deals, additional amenities, and top-notch comfort. With knowledge of the best hotels, restaurants, bars, and museums, they can easily help you plan a business leisure trip, unlike any other. Their constant friendly support makes it simple to organize travel plans and make arrangements at any time. While improving your trip, they will also save you money and time, which is always a plus. Consider a few of these in-depth benefits to using a travel agency.

  • Insight: Travel consultants are informed experts that can make your business trip more fun, relaxing, and memorable. They know about the best restaurants to eat at, hotels to stay, and places to visit. Their advanced knowledge can turn any standard corporate trip into business leisure travel. Even if you want to be frugal with your travel budget, a travel consultant can improve your traveling experience while conserving company cash.
  • Efficiency: Professional travel agencies will closely monitor your corporate travel expenses and report back to you as desired. They will provide insightful tips that can help you reduce your travel costs. Travel agencies can save your company money by cutting out unnecessary expenses. It is easy for a business owner or corporate manager to overspend on a travel budget without even realizing it. Many entrepreneurs and top executives would be astonished to see how much money they could save on corporate travel without decreasing employee satisfaction. With professional assistance from a travel agency, you can guarantee that you and your employees are traveling on an efficient budget that meets your needs.
  • Save Time: Corporate travel can be a very time-consuming, frustrating, and daunting task. Thankfully, travel consultants make planning a business trip, a quick and positive experience by saving time and eliminating hassle. They will do the in-depth research that is necessary to establish the perfect travel arrangements to suit your needs.
  • Support: Travel is not always easy; in fact, it can be pretty difficult at times. Every trip has its unpredictable moments, but with the help of a travel firm, you will have live assistance throughout your entire trip. Should you need it at any point, live support would be there to help. That is a comforting fact that will help ensure your trip goes exactly as planned, without any unnecessary setbacks. Whether you have experience traveling or not, a travel consultant with a reliable agency will provide valuable information that is sure to improve any business trip.
  • Save Extra Money: Aside from being efficient, travel agencies are known for their ability to negotiate lower prices and deals that will improve your trip and can save you money. They often get people additional amenities at no extra cost, amenities that would not typically be included in the traditional corporate budget. Travel consultants at the best agencies will go to great lengths to help their clients save money and improve employee satisfaction.

How To Choose The Best Corporate Travel Agency

It is important to carefully select the corporate travel agency that will be handling all of your company travel plans. The more qualified and better the agency is, the more money you will save and the happier you and your employees will be. Travel agencies should also be versatile; they should be able to provide additional services that could potentially benefit their clients. Services such as event planning and branded merchandise are valuable to companies that strive for growth. To help you choose the best travel company, here are a few important factors to keep in mind when making a decision.

  • Experience: The most experienced travel agencies and consultants have the most extensive bleisure knowledge. They are industry veterans that know tips and tricks that can improve anyone’s business leisure travel. Before selecting a travel company, consider its background and general industry experience. They should be familiar with brands across the world and be able to find the most appropriate companies that will fit your corporate travel needs. The best travel companies will put the customer’s needs first. They will listen to what the customer requires and tailor those plans to fit their travel itineraries.
  • Trip Support: Compassionate travel consultants can make a significant difference when it comes to traveling. A travel agency like Chi-Chi has 24-7 support, so travelers can receive instant assistance at any time to keep their trip running smoothly. This is important, even for domestic business trips. Travelers must be able to receive support at all times. Whether it’s day or night if you miss your flight or just need to make some last-minute arrangements, make sure you have a travel company that you can contact for assistance at any time.
  • Cost Reporting: The cost reporting tools provided by reputable travel agencies can ease the stress of managing corporate travel budgets. It can be challenging to keep track of every employee’s travel budget; thankfully, travel consultants can handle that for you by closely monitoring all traveling expenses. They will also provide tips that you can use to cut back on your travel costs. Cost reporting by a travel agency will save you time and money.
  • Event Planning: The best travel agencies will have the option to host corporate events, further easing the stress of managing your business, and increasing employee satisfaction. From corporate meetings to company events, make sure your travel agency can provide event hosting services to save you time and money.
  • Branded Merchandise: Companies that use merchandise to promote their brand experience higher promotional conversions. With a travel company that can provide branded merchandise as needed, you can send your employees on business leisure trips with some company gear to further promote your company.

Chi-Chi, LLC, a leading corporate travel agency, has an expert team that can provide everything you may need to improve your business trips and reduce your business leisure travel expenses. Their team of dedicated professionals can offer valuable travel insight, as well as the additional services recommended above. They have extensive experience connecting corporate travelers to the best places and cities across the world. From airfare and hotels to restaurants and events, they will help you develop an excellent travel itinerary no matter where your company may need to go.

Bleisure Travel Is Essential In 2020

Business leisure travel combines work with pleasure. Having the ability to take extra time off while traveling for business allows employees to relax or sight-see while on a trip. It eases the common stress of traveling and gives employees more time to experience life with their families. Bleisure promotes a balance between work and personal life. It can increase employee satisfaction while saving time and money for everyone involved. When traveling, you should always be prepared, and the best way to do that is to consult a corporate travel company before planning your business trip. Whether you are a frequent flyer or not, travel consultants can provide in-depth information that will likely improve company trips while also reducing expenses. When it comes to bleisure, be sure to use a well-known company such as Chi-Chi LLC, to promote a positive traveling experience every time.