Businesses frequently hire employees with a specific goal and position in mind. Many companies depend on employees’ to travel to various locations to promote the business, gain new clients, host company events, and a variety of additional causes. Travel is expensive. Without proper planning, every trip that an employee takes can leave a company’s budget in shambles, as well as the employee’s comfort and happiness. Many people book business leisure travel and corporate travel without assistance from corporate travel agencies. This is a big mistake. Corporate travel agencies better understand all aspects of travel and have the ability to successfully negotiate prices, deals, and amenities that the average person does not. Without a corporate travel agency assisting with travel for your business, you only cost yourself time, money, and comfort.

Corporate travel agencies, such as Chi-Chi LLC, help business owners save time and money. Their role is scouring deals and negotiating prices, but they do so much more as well, like help the company’s budget and provide expense reports. Every business can thrive when a corporate travel agency assists with their travel needs. Contact us today to see what savings we can get you.

What is a Corporate Travel Agency?

Corporate management companies book and manage travel for business. Most businesses use one or two agents at the booking agency to help them keep up with travel destinations, expenses, and on-the-go support. They build a personal relationship with these agents and, often, find them more of a friend than a business providing a service. The agencies combine aspects of human service and technology, enabling every business improved booking.

Corporate travel agencies offer a myriad of services that help small and large businesses alike. They vary in services and price, but all tend to provide some of the same services, such as trip booking, travel support, group/corporate rate discounts, and more. An individual traveling about the world can access these services via booking sites, but that isn’t so easy for a business. A business has specialized needs that an ordinary booking site simply cannot offer. Not only does an average booking site create challenges when booking trips for more than one employee, but there is also no expense reports or budgets, fewer discounts and amenities, and an overall more difficult travel experience.

“Spend as much time as necessary for research when it’s time to find the best corporate travel agency”

Choosing a Corporate Travel Agency

A corporate travel agency provides trip support and helps control finances for your business. Many corporate travel agencies exist, but only one is right for your needs. Never Feel obligated to hire an agency and never hire based upon costs alone. Spend as much time as necessary for research when it’s time to find the best corporate travel agency. Ensure they offer the services that you need and that your personalities match. Request quotes and compare prices with several agencies in the area. With a bit of effort, finding a great corporate travel agency is less complicated than most thought possible.

When searching for a corporate travel agency, look for a provider offering the following qualities and rest assured you’ve chosen a worthwhile company.


Experienced travel agencies bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to all of a company’s travel plans. They’re familiar with names, brands, and the best strategies to book hotels, rental cars, airfare, B&B, and more. They’ve booked business leisure travel plans for many businesses in the past and possess both confidence and expertise in the matter. Choose an experienced agency that puts the needs of the customer first. A company that brings a few years of experience to the job always has the skills that make a difference in your booking experience.


Travelers know what they want and need before they arrive at their destination. They want booking options that allow them to meet those needs without going over budget. They want this all to come together very quickly since time is of the essence, and we’re all strapped for time already. Travelers also need an experienced agent by their side who can answer questions, negotiate prices, and otherwise ensure smooth travel. Corporate booking agencies combine the best of both worlds, giving travelers the freedom to browse and choose, as well as the comfort of a professional business leisure travel agent by their side when and if help is needed.

No Hidden Costs

Understand the fees the travel agency charges before signing any contract or deal for business leisure travel services. Look for any red flags that signal hidden costs, such as charges for support calls or after-hours support. These fees add up quickly and damage an expense budget. Many corporate travel agencies offer flat rate services, but transparency is essential for every business, even those without this fee structure. Avoid working with any agency that charges excess fees, hidden fees, or who is otherwise non-transparent in their pricing schemes.

Trip Support

No amount of technology comforts a person after missing a flight when the reservation is canceled, or after other travel mishaps occur. A team of compassionate travel consultants offers support during travel challenges, such as those described. Travel consultants make a tremendous difference in your peace of mind as well as a resolution. Who can you call when mishaps occur? Who can provide assurance that things will work out at the end of the day? When travel plans go awry, it creates a burden and frustration that travel agents can ease. They’re around 24-7 for such needs and provide travelers with the care and concern that matters during this difficult time. Agents have the solutions that travelers need when things go wrong.

Cost Reporting

Booking a trip without travel consultants for your business leisure travel and corporate travel needs is risky business since a cost report isn’t provided. Keeping track of multiple employees’ travel is a challenge for any business. The larger the business and the need for corporate travel, the more difficult cost reporting becomes. Ineffective cost reporting costs businesses big-time. Cost reporting tools offered by travel agents reduce stress and ensure a more cost-effective trip planning. While this service is commonly offered among all corporate travel agencies, verify the service is available ahead of time, since a few providers still aren’t on the bandwagon.


Reputation says a lot about a company. It’s a reflection of their prior service and helps an individual determine if the company goes above and beyond to make customers happy. There is no room for error when travel is the topic. Never hire a travel agency that lacks a stellar reputation. Find out more about the company’s reputation via word-of-mouth sources and internet sources. Business associates, friends, and others oftentimes lead us in the right direction for the product/service we need, if only we ask. The internet is chocked-full of viable sources of information from prior customers and professionals. Choose a few trusted sites and read all about the travel consultants, their prior experience handling business leisure travel. The information found from these sources saves a lot of frustrations and headaches since you’re less likely to choose a provider who doesn’t meet your needs.


Professionalism is expected when we hire travel consultants to provide us business leisure travel booking, but sadly, that isn’t always the case. Use the first impression you gain of the company from the initial conversation. If something doesn’t seem right with you, continue searching for an agent. Ask lots of questions and ensure the company goes above and beyond to cater to your needs. Are they timely and responsive to your phone calls and inquiries? Do they inquire about your wants and needs? Do they seem eager to help in any way they can? These qualities are a few important to find when you need a professional travel agent who doesn’t disappoint.

Corporate travel consultants are easy to find, although not every company has the skills, expertise, or prices to fit every budget. Never hire the first agency that rolls around and says good things. Research is a viable tool when its time to hire travel consultants for your business travel needs. Be selective in the hiring process to ensure the right provider is on the job. Your time and effort paid off when all is said and done.

Benefits of Working With Travel Consultants for Bleisure Travel

If your bleisure travel plans do not include assistance from travel consultants, it’s time to make a change. A travel consultant changes the dynamics of your bleisure and corporate trips. Do not miss the unique benefits that a travel consultant offers for your business leisure travel needs. Eager to learn some of the benefits of working with a travel consultant?

  • Versatile: A travel consultant books corporate travel as well as bleisure travel. No matter why you or one of your employees travels, the travel consultant has your needs covered. They’ll ensure the best deals and trips get your attention first and always find the savings that keep costs low.
  • Efficiency: Travel agencies keep track of your company’s travel, spending, and expenses, giving added efficiency that brings consistency and order to your company’s travel needs. Simply request the report, and it’s in your hands fairly quickly. It eases frustrations and helps prevent overspending and over-budgeting, both detrimental to a business
  • Expertise: Travel expertise is one of the top reasons to access professional agents for corporate travel needs. Experts understand the various travel needs that a company has and the skills to ensure they’re met.
  • Save Time: Booking corporate travel is time-consuming for the average business owner. There is so much research that one must conduct to ensure they get the best prices and services for all of their travel needs. Hire a corporate travel agency, and you’ll regain that lost time as well as the myriad of additional benefits the company offers.
  • Support: Travel is unpredictable at times. We plan for our trips to go a certain way, but sadly, it doesn’t always go smoothly, and the results anticipated are gone. No matter how hard we work to prevent travel mishaps, something will eventually go wrong. When it does, a travel agent makes a big difference in the outcome of the situation. They not only offer peace of mind to a weary traveler but also find solutions that get them back on track in the knick of time.
  • Save Money: Travel agents negotiate lower prices for corporate travel, oftentimes revealing amenities you may not otherwise find yourself. They’ll help create a budget-friendly travel agenda no matter where your employee travels. Consultants also take care of the small details that make a difference in the travel plans, which ultimately saves time and money that can be spent handling other tasks. Consultants deliver exceptional services that keep costs low and services high.
  • Insight: Many businesses lack the time to diligently research travel plans and needs, adding a burden to the trip planning process. Business leisure travel agents ensure better travel forecasts and comfort for every traveler, as well as added convenience and peace of mind without the need for sacrifices. A travel consultant has insight that eases every trip.

This list is incomplete, as dozens more benefits come to business owners that choose to make travel plans with the help of a consultant. There is little question that a consultant is a powerful individual within the travel industry who eases so many burdens that a company has when planning corporate travel.

If you’d like to see more reasons why you need to hire a travel agency for corporate travel, check out our blog post.

Corporate Travel Consultants Make a Difference in Your Travel Plans

As long as there is a need for business leisure travel, there is also a need for travel consultants. We’ve outlined many of the benefits offered to a business that uses a travel consultant for their business leisure travel and corporate travel, but even more, perks exist. If you travel for business without the help offered by a travel agent, you are doing yourself an injustice that only causes more frustration and costs. Why spend more money to travel or send employees out to travel than necessary? Finding travel consultants is simple. Don’t take our word for it when you can find a travel consultant and make your corporate and bleisure travel more pleasurable and beneficial to the company.