Why Is It Better To Use A Travel Agency For Business Trips?

Today, business excursions are a great opportunity to relax with colleagues and employees in the community. In a short time, this kind of entertainment has become an essential and necessary part of building company culture. The competent organization of business travel is a great way to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit. By adding good memories to the team, you strengthen the bond between associates.

Business meetings are designed to bring the working group together, and good humor between employees has long been known to contribute to successful work. Successful projects and company prosperity: this is every company leader’s dream. Smooth and stress-free business trips and company incentive trips contribute to the success corporate teams. The developed tourism industry can now meet the needs of even the most demanding clients.

Many types of people take part in business trips. They’re all different and have different tastes and preferences. To ensure that the rest of the company is happy and those good memories remain, it is necessary to call qualified specialists. Experienced Travel Advisors can easily organize a trip for your colleagues to ensure that everyone is satisfied and that your business event goes well.

“Experienced Travel Advisors can easily organize a trip for your colleagues to ensure that everyone is satisfied and that your business event goes well.”

Business Weekend Trips Abroad Are Becoming More Popular

Business travel is an unforgettable gift for a new year, a company anniversary or any other memorable event. When winter freezes the center of town, everybody wants to go to the seaside in exotic and warm countries, if only for a few days. These trips abroad are not limited to beach vacations: you can go to ski resorts, take guided tours as well as extreme programs and adventures. It depends largely on the location chosen for a corporate event: a stadium, a park, an old mansion, a medieval castle or even a modern palace.

Good travel organizations can organize business trips in the direction you want. It is their job to successfully rent a plane, merchandise your brand, book hotels, even in the most remote parts of the world. Business stays abroad require a clear organization of the entire process, so it is better to outsource travel organizations and handling of custom branded merchandise. Your team shouldn’t have to worry about any other tasks, especially in an unfamiliar location.

When it comes to the registration of passports and visas for employees, this is a rather problematic and responsible activity. This problem can not be avoided if you plan to travel abroad. There are specialized departments in each self-respecting travel agency in these areas, where you can not only get professional advice, but you can also help speed up paperwork.

A Business Trip Abroad Should Not be an Inconvenience

If you are attending a corporate party abroad or in the country, you need to familiarize your colleagues with the example of the event program. It is important for all employees, if they so wish, to be able to participate in each of their points. One of the employees will be offended if they do not have the equipment or facilities they need. Professional travel agents must choose visits based on the preferences of your colleagues, with an acceptable budget and a reasonable time. After a notable break with the entire team, the company’s activity is likely to increase. Brand awareness is also at its peak through the gift of custom branded merchandise.

The journey of a company abroad is a guarantee of success. Employees are proud to be working in a development company. Include business trips abroad as an alternative to holidays in your social package, and your colleagues will not go to your competitors. Leaving your organization abroad can be a good tradition for your team. This is why conquering a new country every year is an attractive prospect.

Business Travel and Tourism

Chi-Chi LLC is one of the leading tour operators in the region. We offer a wide range of services to businesses in the business tourism sector.

What Are You Supposed to Pay Attention to When Planning a Business Trip?

Business tourism is a great way to combine the completion of a major transaction and attend a conference. Corporate employees also get to relax, pass out custom branded merchandise, and learn more about the attractions of a city or country. In order to ensure that this trip does not become a routine, you must consider the following points:

  • The development of the entire plan and course
  • The purchase of a flight ticket
  • The hotel room reservation
  • Custom branded merchandise (additional feature)
  • Obtaining a visa
  • The insurance record
  • The transfer of orders from the airport to the hotel
  • The planned visits to various exhibitions and conferences
  • The development of a recreation program

Every element takes time, as does the availability of knowledge and experience. Only professionals can solve all documentary problems on time and without error. If you understand the price of time and don’t want to worry about it, the best solution is to work with professionals.

Visa Assistance

When agents purchase a tourist trip or book a hotel abroad, specialists provide competent advice on visas, questionnaires, and other documents, depending on the needs of the embassies.

As part of comprehensive customer service, the company provides visa support services to citizens and their foreign partners.

For citizens: if the agencies purchase a tourist trip or book a hotel abroad, the specialists will provide expert advice on visas, complete questionnaires and the rest of the package of documents as required by the embassy.

For foreign nationals: for their foreign partners, they will offer support for obtaining a visa: the agencies will send an invitation by mail or telex, depending on how urgent it is. Based on these documents, a visa is issued to foreign embassies.

Services will pick you up and provide you with the necessary documents.

Examples of documents required:

  • Questionnaire for the Embassy of the specified country
  • Examples of a lawyer to export children
  • Sponsorship letter-recruitment certificate
  • Personal Documents
  • Flight
  • Train tickets

Travel agencies know that a corporate image is a corporate event for you, the customer. They understand that the objective of a business trip or an internal incentive requirement is the loyalty of employees and partners. They handle every order responsibly, and you can be sure that no matter the size of the event, a team of professionals will take care of it. Agents are ready to help you celebrate every event in the United States and abroad.

Different events that a Travel Agency and Event Planner can help organize on trips:


  • Meetings: work meetings or round table discussions.
  • Incentive trips: incentives for employees, customers, and partners.
  • Conferences: the holding of, or participation in, exhibitions and conferences.
  • Events: this is the organization of business and leisure activities, which includes team building.

Our Services

Chi-Chi can assist with an expansive array of travel services, including the following:

  • Accelerated registration of passengers and luggage at individual check-in counters
  • Fast transit of customs checks and passports without queues and disturbances
  • Urgent flight registration up to 30 minutes prior to departure of the aircraft
  • Passenger support from the VIP lounge to the aircraft, organization of passenger
  • Boarding and loading of luggage on the aircraft
  • A comprehensive plan to merchandise your brand
  • Upon arrival at the airport of destination: unloading of luggage, transport to the VIP lounge and delivery to the passenger
  • Custom branded merchandise
  • Registration of the necessary transport documentation
  • Free newspapers and magazines in Spanish, English and other languages for visitors to the VIP area
  • Provide digital satellite TV services in the VIP lounge
  • First aid if necessary

In the event of flight delays, passengers can stay in the VIP lounge at the airport until boarding is announced, VIP lounges are active all day.


Business travel agencies ensure a fast, secure, and convenient destination. Agents can establish transfers to any city in the world for you. During the meeting, a representative will meet you or your guest with a label and deliver it to the address.


Agencies would like to meet you and offer a special set of services to prepare for individual trips, including:

  • Consultation on the choice of a place that contributes to relaxation. They help you make individual visits, create hiking trails and fascinating cultural programs
  • Registration of insurance and visas for an individual stay abroad
  • Purchase of airline tickets and train tickets
  • Choice of an appropriate hotel, if necessary, taking into account the possibility of staying with pets and booking a room
  • Transport services: transfers and leasing of all types

Business Travel Policy

Travel Management is a comprehensive strategy for organizing business travel that includes not only the direct processing of services (tickets, hotels, transfers) but also:

  • The development and compliance of travel policies that allow customers to optimize their financial and time costs when planning business trips and Events
  • Development and implementation of travel policy, approval and control system: entering into tripartite agreements with priority suppliers (airlines, hotels, etc.)
  • Series of analysis reports on orders related to cost centers, departments, and addresses
  • Budget savings recommendations
  • Individual commercial offers for each customer, depending on the needs and location of the trip


When planning a trip to merchandise your brand within the States or abroad, it is not always possible to predict an unexpected illness or accident that might ruin a long-awaited business trip or vacation. In such cases, insurance helps to avoid unpleasant moments and unexpected costs. In addition, it requires health insurance to be available for travel abroad to obtain an entry visa in most parts of the world. Insurance may include

  • Accident insurance when traveling abroad
  • Luggage insurance when traveling abroad
  • International travel insurance

Today, the work of many companies is linked to the need for a travel company. Business geography tourism is growing year after year and the demands of businesses are increasing. Every businessman traveling abroad not only wants to solve important problems, visit an international trade fair, and negotiate but also likes to travel to visit prestigious hotels, comfortable flights, practical times, guide services, translators, etc.

Many agencies work with the specificity of the company, can’t imagine their work without an agent who can not only make a trip to work for executives and trained employees but also on trips to the consulting industry. They help in choosing an acceptable route, optimizing costs, etc. Chi-Chi LLC agents benefit from many years of experience in the tourism industry and offer a full range of services in the United States.

Benefits of Working with an Experienced Travel Agency

  • Competitive prices, special business conditions for companies
  • Ability to consolidate all company orders with a tour operator
  • Cooperation with a single service provider on all issues
  • Custom branded merchandise (Merchandise your brand)
  • Direct contractual relations with hotels
  • Transfer companies
  • Hosting companies and major airlines
  • Qualified staff who understand the characteristics of each region, its hotel base, and recreation opportunities

Payment method for services are convenient for the customer (cash, non-cash, credit card). In order to become a customer of Chi-Chi LLC’s affordable services, a commercial service contract must be signed.

The agencies are also prepared to offer specific terms of cooperation, which are discussed individually with each client.

How does your business trip agency reduce the cost of your business trips?

  • The speed and efficiency of the same equipment save time that all customers appreciate.
  • The quality of the always optimized proposals is the most important lever for the finances of the customer.
  • Optimized services that merchandise your brand
  • Find the best prices, even with low-cost airlines.
  • The integration of negotiated hotel prices by clients and their comparison with the world’s leading booking centers.

In some cases, typological speeds created to better meet the needs of the customer are introduced. These prices are made in collaboration with the airline, in particular for customers, and offer them a range of advantages and privileges that fit perfectly with their needs.

Price transparency: service rates are predefined and apply without any surprise. Any service without a contract level shall always be subject to a previous estimate.

Book Your Next Corporate Trip With A Certified Travel Agent

As stated above, travel agencies offer everything including travel insurance for a laid back journey. A team of meeting and event specialists helps companies to find locations for their meetings and events and negotiate contracts for meetings, including meeting rooms, accommodation, meals, and drinks.

Thanks to your Travel Agency’s:

  • Experience in organizing many events, motivational trips, seminars, training programs or teamwork, one can organize high-quality meetings and events from A to Z to help you achieve your goals.
  • Values and ethics, allow a group of professionals to set up travel agencies that are today’s leaders in innovation and development in their business world.
  • Openness, both in terms of prices and internal processes, is the key to successful cooperation. It’s also because the right journey rekindles the passion for a job well done. They will do their best and fulfill the commitments made to all partners.

Finally, good travel agencies (Chi-Chi LLC), do not hesitate to meet your needs through a continued pursuit of excellence.